Don't just take our word for it.

The underwear is phenomenal.

So comfy and soft!

Christy B.

These undies are AMAZING. They feel like butter, even when traveling 6 hours!!

Radha P.


Ryan D.

I love them!!! Feels so natural and not constricting at all

Lauren K.

So obsessed!! I feel like I don't even have them on... It's so refreshing to find a brand that offers quality, comfort and style!

Hannah S.

AMAZING. Freaking love them. Love the branding and the packaging as well!

Kate W.

I wore my manakii undies today at the gym and for ONCE my butt sweat wasn't all over the seat of the machine - saved me a lot of embarrassment with all the cute guys around lol

Sara P.

THE coolest brand doing THE coolest things.

Maryn C.
matter of dignity

The lack of basic needs affects a woman's health and her ability to participate in their community. Join us in uplifting all women by shopping manakii and donating underwear through Dignity Matters. One purchased. One Donated. Always.

recycled materials

Made using innovative, recycled, and biodegradable oceanic material, manakii undies are earth-friendly and comfort-focused. From our packaging to our product and our pack sizes, we put the needs of our planet first.

2 colors. 3 styles.

Our signature blue color was chosen as our launch color to challenge gender norms, embracing our rebellious spirit. We recently launched the color "clay" which was inspired by our love art and nature.

The three styles were hand-selected to ensure every woman had a type they could identify with and feel comfortable wearing.

The quantity of 7 ties back to our origin story. Women in shelters are requesting underwear in packs of 7 for every day of the week. For every 7 pairs purchased (1 box), we donate 7 pairs.

"The pack" method allows us to to forgo the high cost of shipping products and the negative environmental impact.

We wanted to give you the best experience with sustainability top of mind, and that means thinking beyond the underwear.

We do offer single pairs of underwear for purchase but we highly recommend checking out the packs because they are both better for your wallet and the earth!

the women who inspired the movement

You Deserve More
Because You ARE More

We tell the stories of the incredible and diverse women behind the underwear and highlight that women bring way more than our bodies to the table.

By simplifying the underwear purchasing process, we allow our manakii women to focus on what actually matters, while supporting them with a mission-driven community where they can use their purchasing power for good.

press and community