manakii’s Must-Follow Body-Positive Influencers

manakii’s Must-Follow Body-Positive Influencers

Let’s be real, it can be difficult to remember your Instagram feed isn’t reality. As a brand dedicated to empowering women of all sizes, colors, backgrounds, identities, and labels, manakii encourages you to tailor your feed so that it mirrors the real world. Here is a list of influencers to follow if you are looking to find new voices or want to start to make your feed more inclusive:

Follow @jaimmykoroma for outfit inspo that’s better (& more inclusive) than Pinterest.

Jaimmy is a 29-year-old art director by day and body-positive influencer on the side. Her reels are to die for and her ‘’How to be confident’ series is perfect for women of any age.


Follow @khloekuriatnyk for all of the motherhood positivity.

Khloe Kuriatnyk is a mother to two adorable children. Her platform is full of authenticity about body image and life after giving birth that is often neglected in mass media.


Follow @_themightymunchkin_ for educational content surrounding mental health & body image.

Steph Ng has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and struggled with anorexia as a teenager. Her content sparks insightful and relatable conversations.



Follow @the_breasties (& its creators @brimaj @paige_previvor @alliebrumel) if you’re looking for a community of women impacted by breast & gynecological cancers.

The Breasties is a non-profit dedicated to creating a community for survivors, thrivers, and carevivors of breast and gynecological cancers. Their founders’ pages tackle mastectomy education, life after, and normalizing women’s bodies who have dealt with breast or gynecological cancers.



Follow @jessvoss_art for stunning and inclusive art.

Jess Voss’s art is sure to spice up your feed. The vibrant colors complement the inclusive and inspiring content. Jess’s style is unlike anything I’ve seen and I’m sure your feed will benefit from a follow.


Follow @curvysurfergirl for breathtaking, status-quo-changing content.

Elizabeth is a kickass surfer living in Hawaii (aka stunning photos that make me want to move to Hawaii this instant). Surfing is a sport that’s diverse globally but possesses a pretty one-dimensional body type. Elizabeth’s account is dedicated to “expanding the image of the surfer girl”. Her feed is beautiful and insanely cool.


Follow @lex.berube for the perfect balance of illustration and relatable content.

Lex has struggled with an eating disorder, her mental health, and has been diagnosed with autism. Despite all of these challenges, her content is colorful and impactful. Her illustrations are amazing (maybe your new iPhone background?) but her content and openness about her experience set her apart.


Follow @stephanieyeboah for killer fashion, stay for her insights about body image.

Stephanie is an author and journalist who’s passionate about self-love. First, her style is impeccable. However, her struggles with her body image and experience with racism separate her content (across all platforms) from other influencers. Both her content and style are unapologetically herself.


Follow @nina_tame if you’re lacking color in your feed (either in photos and in personality).

Nina’s feed gives me joy just looking at it. However, if her colorful backdrops and clothing don’t draw you in, her message and advocacy will. She is a wheelchair user and disability advocate with tons of amazing resources. Give her a follow and you’ll no doubt learn a thing or two about the challenges disabled people face daily and maybe even find “the disabled step-mum you never knew you needed”.


All images are courtesy of the creators' Instagrams.

Author || McKenna Robertson