manakii women

They are diverse and part of a community that showcases different shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds and born labels.

They are empowered and optimistic. Curious and kind. Honest and inclusive. Creative and smart. Generous and strong.

They care deeply about the world around them and want to change it for the better. They love — or are learning to love — their bodies and feel their best when they are following their intuition and intelligence.


When setting the $70 price point for the boxes, we took a step back. At this price point, we are able to bring to you social and sustainably conscious underwear.

We calculated the cost after we negotiated with our manufacturer, donated a pair for every pair bought and still made a product that was high quality for a price that made sense.

$70 a box = 7 pairs to you, and 7 pairs donated to a woman in need. Much like our underwear, we left no stone unturned when making this decision and hope you see the value we have poured into manakii.

Cyclical Empowerment

We work with our non profit partners to donate 1 pair of underwear for every pair bought. From the number of pairs in a box to the design of the underwear, we have prioritized the needs of women who don't have the luxury of every day necessities that ensure dignity.


From the underwear to the packaging, we knew our world was something we were not willing to compromise.

By slowing down fashion and developing underwear with innovative material that is biodegradable, we saw a space where social good expanded to the environment.

Further transparency to come on the eco-friendly front. We are excited to share our innovations with you.